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Ecological and Cultural Association ZIARNO (Eng. Seed) is a non-governmental organization, initiating and implementing projects to support the activation of local community, young people from rural areas and to promote sustainable development.

Ecological and Cultural Association ZIARNO has been existing since 1995, although its roots date back to 1987. ZIARNO has been launching various programs, such as: “Organic farm as a place of education”, “Rural Education Centres for sustainable future” and other linked to education, local development or organic farming. It has participated in various national and international projects and coalitions.

By organising workshops for students from many cities in Poland, our Association has been pioneering educational programs for sustainability that address the growing gap  between urban and rural populations.  Through various projects we are trying to improve  the quality of rural education and help to reverse the destructive self- conceptions that plague rural populations and building understanding between citizens of urban and rural areas.
Our educational efforts encompass social, cultural, economic, and environmental programs that seek to erase stereotypes, foster mutual respect (projects on cultural diversity), increase instill self-esteem, and empower both children and adults from rural areas to enter the economic mainstream.
The Association develops educational methods based on folkhighschools idea. These programs have been mainly addressed to adults in rural communities in Europe. Now we are working on establishing Organic FolkHighschool in our centre, taking an advantage of the fact that next door Ewa and Peter Stratenwerth run their organic enterprises: organic farm, biobakery and organic cheesery.

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Ecological and Cultural Association ZIARNO

Grzybów 1/2,
09-533 SÅ‚ubice

phone/fax: +48 24 277 89 63
phone: +48 606 805 900
e-mail: ziarno@grzybow.pl

Funded by the European Commission under the programme Erasmus+, The Velux Foundations and The National Freedom Institute – Centre for Civil Society Development under The Civil Society Organisations Development Programme.

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