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Our Association has conducted educational workshops for local youth for more than 20 years. During these workshops pupils can:

  • Explore our farm to learn how an organic farm functions and have a close look at the farmer's work, learn the production process of basic foodstuffs such as bread,cheese, butter, cream, or familiarize themselves with the principles of sustainable consumption
  • Bake  their own bread! But also  learn about different kinds of grains and flours and see how they are milled
  • Make their own wax candles and become familiar with the ins and outs of the lives of bees’. Also learn about secrets of the lives of bumblebees and other important insects-pollinators,  
  • Learn from a local folk artist how to make beautiful traditional paper folk cutouts, with patterns typical of our region.

We also offer some extra activities offered on request, for example:

  • gardening workshops,
  • workshops about biodiversity,
  • recognizing wild plants
  • ornithology workshops
  • traditional folk dances

These workshops can be conducted as 1-day visits or longer 2-5-day visits.







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Ecological and Cultural Association ZIARNO

Grzybów 1/2,
09-533 SÅ‚ubice

phone/fax: +48 24 277 89 63
phone: +48 606 805 900
e-mail: ziarno@grzybow.pl

Funded by the European Commission under the programme Erasmus+, The Velux Foundations and The National Freedom Institute – Centre for Civil Society Development under The Civil Society Organisations Development Programme.

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